Please call us if you have any questions.


Check-In Policies 

  1. Please, have all information available, including: year, make, model last 4 of VIN, miles, and any announcements that need to be made. Announcements should include which state the vehicle is titled in, as stated in WI Statute 138.05.
  2. When giving protects, leave a telephone number where you can be reached, along with vehicle prices, so that we can better serve you.
  3. Please, have the driver stay with the unit until it is numbered and registered. Make sure the driver knows the year and the dealer's company name for the unit.


Business Policies 

  1. Dealers Only - No Retail Customers. Proper I.D. is required for entry to Jefferson Mid-State Auto Auction. Any dealers seeing retail customers at Jefferson Mid-State Auto Auction - please inform management.
  2. Absolutely No Children or anyone under 18 years of age on Jefferson Mid-State Auto Auction grounds.
  3. Dealer Awareness Checklist:
    1. Never stand between cars in the auction building.
    2. Use crosswalks only in the auction building when walking across lanes.
    3. You are solely responsible for your employees. Your Workman's Compensation must cover you and your employees in case of injury.
    4. Do not rev any engine in the Auction building.
    5. Do not hassle or hustle the drivers, while they are driving or are in a vehicle.
    6. Do not reach hand in driver's way to check racks or other things in vehicle.
    7. Make all mechanical inspections on the lot, not in Auction building.
    8. Extreme caution must be used when walking around moving vehicles. Never turn your back to a moving vehicle.
    9. Do not consign any vehicle for sale with bad breaks, fuel leaks, or that start in gear without notifying Jefferson Mid-State Auto Auction of the problem first.
    10. Do not stand under overhead garage door openings.
    11. Use extreme caution while you or your employees are driving on the auction lot.
    12. Absolutely no alcohol on premises.
  4. Dealers must be registered before transacting any business.
  5. Jefferson Mid-State Auto Auction will require sellers to repurchase any vehicle with undisclosed title history; i.e. salvage, fire, junk, theft, recovery, mileage discrepancy, etc.
  6. Changes in dealer registration information, such as: ownership, authorized buyers, bank, etc. must be recorded with Jefferson Mid-State Auto Auction by letter. Bank changes taking place after a given sale that result in returned checks will be subject to a "Returned Check" charge of $100.00 per week.
  7. The dealer owner is the only person authorized to add or delete an authorized representative.
  8. The dealer owner is responsible for retrieving an auction identification card in the event of a deletion of an authorized representative.
  9. Buyer must pay for vehicles on sale day with cash or a separate company check. The dealership name as indicated on the state license must be imprinted on the company check. No personal or second party checks can be accepted.
  10. All vehicles are subject to search prior to leaving property.
  11. Cars left on the property must have their keys left in them. Jefferson Mid-State Auto Auction is not responsible for any damage, theft, or vandalism.
  12. Sold vehicles must be removed from Jefferson Mid-State Auto Auction premises within 1 week of purchase unless other arrangements have been made with Jefferson Mid-State Auto Auction management. All vehicles left in the customer or employee parking lot overnight are subject to being towed at the owner's expense.
  13. The dealer parking area is not to be used as a vehicle storage area. Vehicles left in the dealer parking area over 4 weeks may be sold or incur a storage charge of $25.00 per day, at the discretion of Jefferson Mid-State Auto Auction.
  14. Buyers shall sign block tickets to verify announcements. Sellers shall sign block tickets to confirm that sale price and announcements are entered correctly.
  15. Conditions other than those announced by the seller are not binding on Jefferson Mid-State Auto Auction. The Auction will not be responsible for administrative errors.
  16. Cars that are sold will be placed outside the gates with keys left in them on the Friday after the sale, unless otherwise advised.
  17. All vehicles must have a gate pass before leaving the premises.
  18. Jefferson Mid-State Auto Auction reserves the right to void any transaction.
  19. Auction policies are subject to change without notice.
  20. Any vehicle needing gas will be billed a minimum of $10.00.
  21. All vehicles purchased Online will be charged an additional $70 fee. 


Selling Policies 

  1. All next day "ifs" must be paid for by the following sale day, or a $100.00 fee will be charged.
  2. "If" Sales: "Ifs" are binding on the buyer for 24 hours. Sellers must provide a response within 24 hours, or the buyer may reject the vehicle. Buyers are responsible to check the status of "if" bids before leaving the premises, and should be aware that they will still be obligated if departing before the end of the sale.
  3. Buyers are urged to inspect vehicles prior to bidding. Visible flaws and defects: i.e. glass, spare tires, body damage, etc. are not arbitrable.
  4. Jefferson Mid-State Auto Auction does not guarantee manufacturer's warranty, warranty books, or plates.
  5. All vehicles must run across the auction block once. Outside or off the block sales must be consummated through the Auction and all such sales are as is.
  6. It is the seller's obligation to correct any errors made by the Jefferson Mid-State Auto Auction as to announcing "conditions." It is the buyer's obligation to watch the lights and listen for the announced "Conditions."
  7. The buyer is responsible for verifying serial number, mileage, and year reading on all purchases before leaving the sale.
  8. When "title attached" is not announced at block, the buyer has the right to reject the vehicle by 9:00 p.m. (Tuesday only).
  9. Jefferson Mid-State Auto Auction does not guarantee the year of any recreational vehicle. The seller must announce from the auction block the year of the chassis and the year of the unit. The Jefferson Mid-State Auto Auction will not become involved in any subsequent dispute. No vehicle will be offered for sale without serial plate or proper verification.
  10. Jefferson Mid-State Auto Auction will not run "Gray Market Vehicles." All vehicles registered at this Auction are subject to inspection by the FBI, State Police, National Auto Theft Bureau, and the local Police Authorities. If any vehicle is impounded by authorities, the seller does not get a check. If seller has already received a check, payment on that check will be stopped.
  11. Cars sold TA must be sold with the correct mileage announced or a seller's fee will apply.
  12. The seller must announce any emission controls and equipment that do not meet the original equipment specification for the vehicles. The buyer must arbitrate any emissions problems on sale day. The buyer pays the first $300.00.
  13. Frame damage or frame repairs must be announced. Frame damage or frame repairs must be reported to the Auction within 7 days after purchase. Under carriage damage from normal use (scratches, scrapes, jack or lift marks, or minor corner tie down markers not resulting from accident) are not grounds for rejection.
  14. All vehicles sold to Online Buyers will be charge an additional $70 fee. 


Title Policies 

  1. TA Arbitration - No Title. The buyer may return a vehicle for no title if the Auction has not received a negotiable title from the seller by the end of 14 days (prior to the closing time of second sale). The buyer should use caution against selling or incurring costs on a vehicle until a title is received. The Auction will not reimburse any costs, including freight, on any vehicle returned for TA arbitration. The buyer must notify the Auction prior to a vehicle being returned. Vehicles should not be driven other than to and from the auction not to exceed 200 miles. There will be a $50 No Title Fee to the seller for all vehicles returned for having no title.
  2. All titles and reassignment on consigned vehicles should be turned into the Jefferson Mid-State Auction office when the vehicle is checked in. If a negotiable title is not turned into the auction office by the close of business on auction day, that vehicle will be considered TITLE ATTACHED. All sellers of title attached vehicles will be charged a $20.00 TA fee in addition to the regular sales fee.
  3. All titles submitted by the seller must be in the seller's company name.
  4. Jefferson Mid-State Auto Auction will not be responsible for transportation or any other expenses of a returned vehicle due to title absence.
  5. Titles and supporting documents with corrections, erasures, deletions or alterations are not accepted.
  6. All checks and titles are guaranteed with Action Insurance Agency, 2130 Highland Avenue, Birmingham, Alabama 36523. The amount of the Auction liability under its guarantee of title shall never exceed the sales price of said vehicle in any transaction. Reimbursements for bad titles and/or stolen vehicles shall be at the depreciated rate of 2% per month from sale price paid by seller.
  7. Unsigned involuntary repossessed titles cannot be transferred in Wisconsin. Clear title in repossessor's name must be furnished before check can be issued.
  8. All title-attached vehicles must be announced. Failure to announce TA vehicles is grounds for rejection.


Announcement Policies 

If a vehicle sells for $2005.00 or more, the following must be announced:

  1. Major defects in power train
  2. Missing catalytic converter and pollution equipment
  3. Older transplant engines
  4. Two-wheel drive, MPV's, i.e. Blazers, Broncos, Jeeps, Pathfinders, etc.
  5. Inoperative or defective air bag systems
  6. Taxi, police, and flood vehicles
  7. Vehicles with over 100,000 miles or inaccurate mileage are sold as is regardless of year or price.
  8. Salvage titles, previously junked, or previously salvaged vehicles regardless of year or price
  9. Reassignment of titles by insurance company regardless of price (90 Day Limit)
  10. Vehicles converted from diesel to gas
  11. Inoperable ABS Brake Systems
  12. Jefferson Mid-State Auto Auction does not reimburse freight, reconditioning or any expenses on arbitrated vehicles.
  13. All buyers returning a vehicle for arbitration are responsible for the vehicle to be returned in the same condition in which it was purchased. The buyer must notify Jefferson Mid-State Auto Auction prior to any vehicle being returned.


Auction Guarantee Policies

  1. Please check vehicles before bidding.
  2. There will be no auction gaurantee on the following:
    1. Diesel Vehicles.
    2. Vehicles with "Branded Titles".
    3. Punched Gas Tanks.
    4. Brakes.
    5. Presence and/or Condition of Air Bags or Air Conditioning.
    6. Clutches on manual transmissions.
    7. Presence and/or condition of ABS Systems.
  3. the following vehicles are sold as is:
    1. Vehicles selling for $2000.00 or less.
    2. Vehicles selling with "Not Actual" miles.
    3. Vehicles selling with "Miles Exempt".
    4. Vehicles selling with over 100,000 miles.
    5. All diesel power vehicles.
    6. Vehicles selling for $1999.00 or less are not eligible for Frame Damage Arbitration.
  4. No arbitration will be allowed on any police, taxi, municipal, government, fire, flood, clips salvage, recreational, kits, motorcycles, boats or reconstructed vehicles. These will all be sold as is.
  5. Auction Guarantee guarantees a vehicle to have a good power train, crank, rods, clock, transmission and rear end. Sellers will guarantee a vehicle to have a good power train within $500.00 for mechanical defects or an individual item.
  6. Ride and Drive Guarantee guarantees nothing is defective PERIOD.


Odometer Policies

  1. Jefferson Mid-State Auto Auction assumes no responsibility at all for odometer mileage or the validity of the mileage statement provided by the seller to the buyer.
  2. Sellers must announce the following from the auction block:
    1. If the odometer is not working properly.
    2. If he/she had any knowledge that mileage on the vehicle is different than mileage on the odometer.
    3. If the odometer has ever been replaced or repaired.
  3. Any vehicles with the emission control flag covering the odometer must be sold with
  4. not actual miles.
  5. Odometer operation must be verified on day of sale.
  6. If vehicle is over 10 years old (or older) it is EXEMPT.


Payment Policies 

  1. All units purchased and/or sold on premises must be paid for through the Auction Office the night of the sale, unless prior arrangement with management is obtained. In the event of an arrangement with management, case title and car must remain with the Auction until paid for no later than 3:00 p.m. on the Friday following the sale. If not paid, dealer will be charged $40.00/ unit, per day until paid in full.
  2. Unpaid units over 4 weeks may, at the discretion of Jefferson Mid-State Auto Auction, be sold. The buyer will be charged any expense incurred due to resale of the vehicle.
  3. Each vehicle sold must be paid for with a separate check.
  4. Any check payment privileges must be approved by management and can be revoked at any time. 


Delivery Policies

  1. ‚ÄčAll units being delivered are the Buyer or Buyer’s agents (transporter, driver, etc.) responsibility to document any damages / mechanical issues on the gate release prior to removing the vehicle from the Auction or facilitation service provider’s location. The Auction or facilitation service provider and Seller will not be responsible for ANY damages / mechanical issues not identified on the gate release once the vehicle is removed from the location.  
  2. This can include, but is not limited to: Hood damage, Motor issues, Transmission issues, etc.  
  3. All decisions are made at Jefferson Mid-State Auto Auctions Management’s discretion.   



Arbitration Policies 

  1. All arbitration concerns must be handled through the Arbitration Office on the night of the sale. After any accepted adjustments, the vehicle automatically becomes as is with no further arbitration.
  2. No arbitration on items not covered under the Auction Guarantee i.e. air conditioning, power steeing, power accessories, computer control units, radios, cruise control, front ends, alternators and brakes.
  3. The decision of Jefferson Mid-State Auto Auction Management shall be final in ALL disputes.
  4. Adjustments, rejections, or arbitration must be handled on the night of the sale. The next day is too late.


Post-Sale Inspections (PSI)

Jefferson MidState Auto Auction offers dealers a 7 day Post-Sale inspection (“PSI”) at the dealer’s election of service for a fee(see PSI Pricing Schedule). JMAA will stand behind our PSI for the items checked (see PSI Checklist) for the period of service purchased (7 days). The PSI is not part of JMAA’s Arbitration Policy, but a separate service offering to provide added assurance and coverage to the buying dealer in their purchase. All PSIs must be ordered on sale night after purchase. 


Vehicles Qualifications:

  • Green Light (“Ride and Drive”) vehicles sold with a selling price of under $50,000, in-lane and online, are eligible for PSI. JMAA will provide an information-only report for vehicles selling for $50,000 and higher and for AS-IS vehicles to the buying dealer, however JMAA will provide no assurance beyond those given to the dealer under the NAAA National Arbitration Policy or JMAA’s AS-IS Policy. Likewise, if a vehicle would be considered AS-IS under the JMAA AS-IS Policy, but was designated Green Light (“Ride and Drive”) by the seller, an information-only PSI report will be provided to the buyer


PSI Checklist:

  • The following items are included as part of the PSI depending on the type of Auction Guarantee provided by the seller. The checklist applies to defects that are singularly $500 or more to repair or replace on vehicles sold in-lane and $500 cumulative (including visible damage) on vehicles sold online in accordance with the NAAA National Arbitration Policy.
    • Odometer Verification
    • Engine Function and Operation
    • Transmission Engages and Functions
    • 4X4 System Engagement
    • ABS/Brakes Function (if brake light is on)
    • Emission Control Equipment Present
    • Air Conditioning System Compressor Engagement Check
    • Supplemental Restraint System/Air Bags Checked (if SRS/Air Bag light is on)
    • Vehicle Structure Visually Checked for Damage (auction is not liable for frame damage that could not be detected through a visual inspection)


PSI Coverage

  • The PSI is not insurance or a guaranteed buy-back policy, but a mechanical inspection performed by a trained service technician to provide greater assurance in the buyer’s purchase related to the items on the post-sale inspection checklist.
  • If an item or part fails during the PSI coverage period (7 days), the item will be replaced or repaired at JMAA’s option.
  • If the auction chooses to reimburse the dealer for items on the checklist (see PSI Checklist) that fail or were not discovered in the PSI and the vehicle is still within the applicable PSI coverage period, the auction will reimburse the dealer for the actual expense of repair or replacement up to a $1500 maximum.
  • The vehicle must have 200 miles or less accumulated on the odometer in order for the dealer to file a dispute to the PSI findings. Vehicles driven over the 200 miles limitation will not be eligible for dispute.


PSI Terms and Conditions

  • The buyer is financially responsible for payment of the PSI fee regardless of whether the vehicle passes or fails inspection.
  • The coverage and provisions apply only to the original buyer of the PSI. The service coverage and PSI coverage period are void once the vehicle is resold. The service coverage cannot be transferred to any subsequent wholesale or retail buyer.
  • If a vehicle fails PSI and the buyer seeks a price adjustment or chooses to void the sale; the vehicle would be placed into the arbitration process and the NAAA Arbitration Policy and the JMAA Arbitration Policy would govern the arbitration.
  • A vehicle that initially passes PSI and is later returned by the buyer under the PSI Coverage will be processed according to the NAAA National Arbitration and the JMAA Arbitration Policy. JMAA will be responsible for discussion of arbitration issues with the seller.
  • A vehicle returned for any reason under the PSI Coverage must be in the same or better condition as when purchased. Further, JMAA will not reimburse a dealer for transportation, reconditioning, other work or expenses performed on the vehicle that is returned or lost profit from retail or wholesale transactions.
  • The following are excluded and not covered under the PSI policy:
    • Vehicles sold AS-IS; these vehicles are subject to an information-only PSI report at buyer’s option.
    • Vehicles with a sales price of $3,000 and under, regardless of the selling light on the block; these vehicles are subject 7 Day Only PSI report if purchased by the buyer.
    • Vehicles with an odometer reading of over 100,000 miles, regardless of the selling light on the block; these vehicles are subject to a 7 Day Only PSI report if purchased by the buyer.
    • Vehicles that are 10 years or older from the current calendar year; regardless of the selling light on the block; these vehicles are subject to a 7 Day Only PSI report if purchased by the buyer.
    • Vehicles that are sold with a selling price of $50,000 or over; regardless of the selling light on the block; these vehicles are not eligible PSI report if purchased by the buyer.
    • Kit Vehicles
    • Hand Built Exotic Vehicles (including but not limited to Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Dodge Viper, Ferrari, LaForza, Lamborghini, Maserati, Maybach, McClaren,Panoz, H1 Hummer, and Rolls Royce)
    • Trailers
    • Motorcycles
    • Watercraft
    • Recreational Vehicles
    • Homemade vehicles
    • Modified Vehicles
    • Heavy Trucks and Equipment
    • Vehicles or conditions specifically excluded in the most current NAAA Arbitration Policy
  • JMAA reserves the right to limit the number of times that a dealer can use the PSI program including the right to disallow a dealers participation in the program.
  • JMAA reserves the right to modify, alter, discontinue or terminate this policy at any time for any reason whatsoever, with or without notice.
  • If disputes are not otherwise covered by this PSI Policy, the auction will refer to the JMAA Terms and Conditions, the NAAA National Arbitration Policy and JMAA’s most current Arbitration Policy for resolution.